SOUL Week Four

Your homework assignment this week is to summon the voice of Nature & write a fierce love letter to yourself.

Embody her.

Embrace all the aspects of your current place in life.

See the person driving the bus & thank her for her service and protection.

See all the ways in which trials are enriching your life and your SOUL.

Offer loving advice.

Welcome her back home.


Nature is big enough and wild enough to hold the most POWERFUL emotions. Nature is a mirror to your SOUL. That means YOU are big enough and brave enough to welcome yourself back home. 


Love, Chelsey


264 responses to SOUL Week Four

  1. amanda says:

    yikes, this will be a tough one no doubt…still working on recognizing who is even driving my bus and why. Also still working hard on that loving self talk. But for you Chelsey I will try, I will give it a shot, because I trust you:) <3

  2. Joanna says:

    Dear Chelsey,
    OMG, what an assignment and the timing and the words you used that trigger fountain of tears streaming down my face. Thank you! Thank you!

    My bus was driven by a 7 yo. She was scared, full of scars and always felt like she doesn’t belong. I stayed outside – my family, my college friends, my co workers and never really opened up in relationship. Left home early (22) not to cope with drama and move to another country. And from there baby girl changed into warrior with a mantra “I got this” (of course I didn’t) and a rebel who didnt wanted anything stable. Hated the thought of having a house/job/partner for longer than few months (all falls apart anyways) Thought that routine will kill me- routine would force me to deal with myself and lack of self love. Today after years of self enquiries and yoga and attempts to meditate I feel like I came back home. HOME. To myself. My body. My soul. Last 11 months I traveled around searching, giving myself time to be alone, being challenge by the elements (brave warrior and rebel came in handy) and now I’m ready to go home. To be with my family and friends on a level I never been before. I even claimed one of the rooms in my family home- and it will be changed into my Soul Station! So happy, so thankful for the job I did and to my 7 years old self and to all people including you that gave me food for my thought and triggers that acelerares my growth. Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Ella says:

    Oh Chelsey.. This is so so beautiful. I love the light that shines through you, it’s obvious that you have done a huge amount of inner inquiry and work.

    I hope you don’t mind this long response, it just wanted to come out and this feels like a safe space to share it. 🙂

    I actually sort of did this kind of task a few weeks ago. We had a little argument with my partner over dinner and I suddenly got really hurt when he pointed out one of my weaknesses. It’s not like he was being mean, he had a point, but I have always been very bad at taking feedback and I am terrible at taking responsibility of my mistakes and weaknesses.

    But instead of responding with defence as I always did in the past, I closed my eyes and turned inwards. I got really still.. And that’s when I saw this little brown eyed weeping girl within me, rocking back and forth. Tears were running down my cheeks quietly as I listened what she said: she said she feels like she is always disappointing everyone and yet she just can’t do better than she is already doing. She told me she tries so hard to do this life but she feels like she doesn’t have any tools or guidance since all she ever had were parents who didn’t take responsibility of their own life, wellbeing and happiness, and therefore she has absolutely no idea how to take responsibility. She doesn’t know how to set goals and work for them, she doesn’t know how to clean after herself, she doesn’t know how to handle money, she has no idea how to deal with all the practical things in this life; all she knows is how to love, how to settle, how to be kind and empathetic.

    And as I listened to her, I suddenly wanted nothing more but to be that adult for her. So in my imagination I hold her tightly and I said “I hear you and I love you. You are enough, and you’re not disappointing me, ever. You’ve tried so hard but it is impossible task for you to succeed at alone, without the proper tools and guidance; this is adults job, and yet you’ve been stumbling alone for so long. I am so so sorry I haven’t been there for you. From now on I’ll be that adult for you. From now on I will be guiding you and holding your hand and together we’ll learn how to take responsibility. Step by step, I got you, you’re not alone anymore. I’m here – and you know what, I have lived long enough to have gained a pretty wide knowledge of how we can learn all this adulting stuff together in an exciting ways.”

    And so the journey continues, but now she can finally sit in the shotgun and I’ll do the driving. It was such a life changing evening for me.. I finally learned the reason behind my defensiveness, and I learned I can be the one I need the most. <3

  4. Kerriann says:

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  5. Krystallynn says:

    Hi Bill!Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments and I am so happy for you that you were successful in the process! Children are wonderful blessings in your life! So glad we have been able to connect and comanuicmte via Facebook. I am writing a series of blog posts now on infertility – look for those coming up. Thanks again!

  6. Alexandra says:

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