If this whole month is about creating an environment that we can be proud to live in, and to leave to future generations, then we must understand the ways in which we might be adding to the noise or the problems in our own environment.

We, women especially, need to understand how our bodies fit into the¬†environment as a whole. The elasticity or impermanent nature of our bodies should be celebrated. It’s one of our greatest strengths! And that celebration starts with how we speak to one another and ourselves. The way we can look at nature and see its beauty amidst its changes is also the way we should see ourselves!

Recognizing that beauty in ourselves and in each other will help change the conversation. We’ll be able to gather with our female friends and support one another during those changing seasons.

To want our bodies to be exactly the same all the time creates unneeded suffering and distraction that keeps us from doing what we really want to do in this world, from creating the environment we are meant to create. 

This week, focus on how you look at your own body. Can you see the beauty in each changing season? How can you speak to yourself and others more kindly, to help honor the moment or season you’re in?